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We have a comprehensive programme of walks, ranging from 3 mile strolls to 12 or 15 mile more strenuous walks. Our basic programme is as follows:-

Thursday all-day walks are about 8 miles and take place fortnightly.

Thursday pub walks are around 5 miles, are also fortnightly, and are in the week when there is no all-day walk.

Tuesday morning walks are around 5 miles and are fortnightly.

More challenging walks are 10 or more miles and are twice per month, on a Thursday

Strolls are around 3 miles, are weekly, on either a Wednesday or a Thursday.

Shorter slower strolls are around 2 miles and are taken at slower pace.

Saturday all-day walks are 8 - 10 miles or longer, and are monthly.

Sunday all-day walks are also 8 - 10 miles or longer, and are monthly.

Sunday afternoon walks are around 5 miles, and are monthly.

Details of the walks are published on the notice boards in the library and in Somerset Square, and in local newspapers. 

A copy of our programme may be downloaded below:

spring programme 2020 ws.pdf